Welcome to the Institute for the Study of Complex Systems (ISCS), a research organization that specializes in evolutionary/functional approaches to complexity and a new biological approach to social justice.

The director of the ISCS is Peter A. Corning, Ph.D., who is known especially for his theory about the causal role of synergy in the evolution of complexity called the “Synergism Hypothesis.” This theory is detailed in several books, as well as in numerous professional papers (some of which are available here). He is also known for what he calls the “Fair Society” paradigm, a new social justice framework which is grounded in three biologically-based fairness principles – equality, equity and reciprocity. This new model is developed in his 2011 book, The Fair Society.

Other work at the Institute includes a new approach to the relationship between thermodynamics and biology called “thermoeconomics”, a new, cybernetic approach to information theory called “control information,” and research on a biological approach to basic needs under the “Survival Indicators” program.