Author Peter Corning

What the Republican Tax Package Means

The deep social stresses that led to the election of Donald Trump will only get worse as the new tax law benefits the rich at the expense of the poor and the middle-class, and future generations.

“The Enemy Within”

Democracy only exists if the “will of the people” can be effectively exercised – if the elected “representatives” are compelled to abide by the laws, represent the citizenry and, ultimately, serve the common good.

What’s Your Fairness Quotient?

Among our many individual differences, we also vary in our sense of fairness toward others.  Here’s an informal quiz about some everyday fairness issues.

A Level Playing Field

Our Supreme Court rejects this concept, or fairness. It is governed by a scholasticism focused on interpreting the wording of the Constitution.

Hint of Change

Recent efforts to raise the minimum wage could be the leading edge for broader changes to advance fairness.

A Betrayal Disguised As Fairness

Tea Part conservatives call for tax cuts for the rich while demanding budget cuts for programs to help the “undeserving” poor. And they call this “shared sacrifice”?