Category Social Justice

A Betrayal Disguised As Fairness

Tea Part conservatives call for tax cuts for the rich while demanding budget cuts for programs to help the “undeserving” poor. And they call this “shared sacrifice”?

A Fairness Crusade?

The term “movement” (rather than crusade) is the preferred moniker for various organized efforts to achieve some important, morally-grounded political objective. My personal dream is that the next great political undertaking will be a “fairness movement/crusade” along the lines that I outline in my book, The Fair Society.

Should We Have a Gross National Happiness Index?

It seems that happiness is busting out all over – like that famous lyric from the classic Broadway musical, Oklahoma. Forget happiness. It’s a middle class conceit that masks what really matters, what’s really at stake.

Cooperation, Competition and Human Nature

If there is a take-home lesson from the many different cooperative behaviors in the natural world, it is that cooperation is highly contingent and almost always instrumental to meeting basic survival and reproductive needs. It’s not an end in itself.

Fairness: Where the Justices Meet Justice

For better and worse, our Supreme Court is a political institution and not, despite its trappings, a temple of Olympian detachment — as the Roberts court has amply demonstrated. Sometimes the underling principles of justice are trampled upon.

Capitalism and Fairness

Capitalism provides a classic example of a double edged sword (Will Hutton, in his book Them and Us calls it a “tightrope”). He argues that fairness is a better ideological objective.